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General Ledger Maintainence

General Ledger maintenance is required to be done on a regular basis by all organizations to keep their accounts up to date. As such accounting maintenance work demands uniform and regular attention of technically sound accounting professionals, hence off-late the general ledger maintenance work is also being increasingly outsourced by almost all business setups across the globe to low cost outsourcing country like India with a huge pool of accounting talent.

Key benefits of Outsourcing general ledger accounting services include:

  • Access to updated monthly general ledger reports assists in preparing Quarterly and Annual financial statements required for Audit and Tax purposes
  • Performing general ledger accounting on a continuous basis helps you maintain audit trails and supporting which may be referred to by the auditors easing out the auditing process at year end time.
  • General ledger maintenance on a monthly basis helps you have a clear and true picture of the business’s finances on a regular basis

  • Our strong infrastructural set-up and access to our qualified professional team would ensure uninterrupted quality accounting and financial analysis related services for your business. We can perform the general ledger accounting in various globally used accounting software applications including QuickBooks (Online or Desktop versions), Peachtree, Freshbooks, Clearbooks, Sage, MYOB, and XERO. We try to assess your exact requirements and accordingly tailor our accounting approach in a way that best suits you and your business.