1. Industries

Best in Town


We are providing our services to various clients in different industries:-

  • Software & Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunication
  • Trading
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Professionals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Semi Government Organizations

With our strong domain experience, focus and capability to provide end-to-end service for the FAO services, we are best positioned to understand the imperatives of changes and hence, can be a strategic long term partner for the industry and realize an enhanced Return on your investment.

Working with RSSG as your business partner gives you access to our accounting and taxation services as well as our Enterprise Solution consultancy, enabling you to derive impressive benefits.

We will deliver back-office efficiency, release the latent value from your existing investments and optimize core processes to yield long-term cost savings.

Partner with us, and take control of your finance and ensure that your own people focus on the areas of strategic value.