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Finance Planning & Analysis

The importance of financial reporting in business success cannot be overstated. While a substantial portion of the underlying activities is routine in nature, a successful financial reporting process and structure is a key factor in a successful business.

RSSG professionals excel at the organization and presentation of meaningful financial information for client companies. The approach used is to first understand and then utilize the present capabilities of the accounting/finance function, no matter how large or small. We then augment these existing capabilities with tools and practices to efficiently produce financial information that will support the business decision-making process. The focus of this information has at least two key components – profitability and cash flow. In addition, we will ensure linkage between the client’s strategic plan and its financial reporting systems.

A key component of the financial reporting process is the availability of information. The length of the financial reporting process dictates the value of that information. The firm’s professionals have demonstrated the ability to streamline reporting processes and significantly reduce the closing cycle for clients companies, reducing the cycle from weeks to a few days. The value of information is significantly increased when its timeliness is improved.

The firm also provides support in specific areas of financial reporting, including: