1. Process

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How does it work?

  • Server Based
  • Remote Access
  • Application Service Providers
  • Server Based

  • Source documents - You scan the documents and upload to a secure FTP server OR email to dedicate mail id.
  • Updating books - We update your books the same night. You would have to provide us a back-up copy of your books. (QuickBooks back up)
  • Sending updated books - We email the updated books to you or upload them to a secure server. You could come to office the next morning and download the updated books from the server.
  • Remote Access

    • Source documents -You scan the documents and place it in your computer for our access. You can also email them to our mail box OR upload to an FTP server.
    • Connecting to your computer - We connect to your computer using Remote Desktop Access like secure VPN.
    • Update the books and logout - You come to office next morning and find the updated books on your computer.

    Application Service Providers

    • You scan the documents and upload to the server OR email them to our mail box.
    • We login to the Online Accounting Software that you are using (e.g. and update the books.
    • You login to the online accounting software via Internet anytime you want, and see the updated books.